Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some inspiration!!

So I have been working hard with CTing lately, and of course taking care of other things going on.. But I haven't forgotten to get my butt over here to post some kits and inspiration.. So since I am only working with Sugary Fancy for a month, I thought Id focus on those products more and show some love!! :D - But don't worry there are plenty coming from my other CTs as well :D

So let's begin :D

So using Sand Castle.. 
Sand Castle Kit by Sugary Fancy

I have this to show you!!

Using Camera Addict...
Camera Addict Kit by Sugary Fancy

I have this page!! One of me and the little one :D

&& Using Hello Baby Kit and Templates...
Hello Baby Kit by Sugary Fancy

Hello Baby Templates by Sugary Fancy

I came up with this great layout! :D

There will be plenty more to showcase and inspire you hopefully! So stay tuned.. There is also a new release coming tomorrow at Caroline S. Designs! So be sure to check back for that great layout inspiration! :D and also some more lovely stuff to come :D

Until then.. Happy scrappin!! <3

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