Friday, March 15, 2013

Freebie is long over due!!

Don't you think? Well I have been sitting in my Digital Imaging class since 1 this afternoon. It is about 4 now. 50 minutes left in class. Well I was inspired I guess from my class today haha. Don't ask me how because I have no clue, I just decided to open up my EHD and grab some CU stuff and just start playing around with things in PS. Well I decided to make a little freebie I would like to call "Project Goodie" Nothing crazy, just some journal cards and word bits, but thought they were so cute! I think this is one the of the best things I have made yet. Well here's the preview!

The preview is not spectacular either, Not sure if I will be continuing with this so I havent decided how I want the previews to look or anything like that, Just thought I would through something together for now just so you guys can get this freebie! :)


Welp, hope you guys like it!
Until Next time,
Happy Scrapping!

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