Friday, March 8, 2013

Get out of your comfort zone!

Hey guys! I'm here to talk about comfort zone. Yup. Well, scrapping comfort zone that is... Are you a template user? A non template user? Well I know for sure that I pretty much ALWAYS use a template for my layouts (lately more Amy Martin stuff than others LOL) But tonight I sat down and decided to work on a layout for myself. Been busy with CT stuff and challenges that it felt good to just sit an scrap all out of my head! Well I found a picture of myself I wanted to work with and a kit that I have been dying to use! Well the template bit was sooo difficult :/ So I decided to jump right out of my comfort zone and scrap without one! The whole time I was a bit skeptical, but at the end I looked at it, it was me, all over the place and just bam! LOL. Well here it is..

Autobiography by Sugary Fancy Designs
Messy Scalloped Clippings by Misty Cato

So there it is. Id love to do it again, its a for of therapy for me, getting myself out there and just let loose! So go ahead guys :) Get out of your comfort zone, if it's not with a template, then maybe your one of those who doesn't use stitching, or any other certain element (visa verse) And remember, HAVE FUN!

Until next time,
Happy scrapping ;)

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