Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From The Store of Caroline S.

Well, I'm not finished yet! I have some more products I would like to showcase from the store of Caroline S. So let's not beat around the bush any longer folks :) let's just get right to it shall we!? YES!

From the store of Caroline S!

First I'd like to show you guys a beautiful kit by this great designer! It's titled "In My Garden" This of course is the bundle and you can just get the kit alone, but the bundle has so much more to work with! My absolute favorite was the word art and the alphabets, but in all the kit is just wonderful :)

[the Value Bundle] * In my Garden by Caroline S.

Here's my wonderful page!

Next we have a neat Word Art Pack! This one is Titled "Laughter Vol.1" Scrap pictures of your's, your friends, your families, your significant others or your children's best smiles, laughing, having a blast!

[Word Art] * Laughter Vol. 1 by Caroline S.

&&my layout using one of the word arts from the pack...

Here I am showing you guys one of the cutest kits I have scrapped with in a while! It's titled "Follow Your Dreams" Just the colors alone draw me to it! You can do so much with this kit, just explore your creativity. The Bundle of course has so much more to work with too :D

[the Value Bundle] * Follow Your Dream by Caroline S.

&&Here we have a wonderful template pack! It's titled "A Smile to Enjoy" Just think about all the pages you can make with these, all the photos you can use! Use your imagination people! :D

[Templates] * A Smile To Enjoy by Caroline S.

This lovely scrapbooking Word Art package is something I think we all need! Well, we all should be making pages for ourselves so these word arts would come in handy! This pack is titled "Scrapbooking Vol.1"

[Word Art] * Scrapbooking Vol. 1 by CarolineS.

Soo.. using the above kit, template and one of the word arts from the pack here's what I made!

Here's a tail waggin' kit! It's titled "For Billy" Great to scrap those pages of your pooches!

[Value Bundle] * for Billy

Here's some more Word Art! This pack is titled "Mixed Vol.1" As you can see you can use these word arts for so many pages! They go with just about anything! :D

[Word Art] * Mixed Vol. 1 by CarolineS.

&& My layout using this kit and a word art from this pack!

Have kitties? Well then this kit is great for those pictures of them adventurous felines! Titled "For Maunzi" is such a wonderful neutral kit it's great for all those furry photos!

[Value Bundle] * for Maunzi

&&OH my! Check out these templates! Just look at all the photo blocks! This template pack is titled "Follow Me Vol.1"

[Templates] * Follow Me Vol. 2 by Caroline S.

&& This lovely Word Art Pack! It's titled "Adventure Vol.1"

[Word Art] * Adventure Vol. 1 by Caroline S.

&& My page using the kit, template and a word art from this pack..

WERE NOT STOPPING NOW! Next we have a nice kit to use for those wonderful photos we have from those nice trips we take! This kit is titled "Travel Time"

[the Value Bundle] * TravelTime by Caroline S.

&& Look at these wonderful templates! They are titled "Follow Me Vol.5"

[Templates] * Follow Me Vol. 5 by Caroline S.

What about this great Alpha Bundle! Titled "Basics Collection" You can use them for so many different pages, they go with so many themes! One even comes with TIFF files to adjust colors! :D

[Alpha Bundle] * Basics Collection by CarolineS.

&& My layout using the travel it, a template and alphabet..

Well I have 1 more for you guys tonight! Check out this great template pack! Titled "Follow Me Vol.1" The layers and clusters are so much fun to work with you have to try it yourself!

[Templates] * Follow Me Vol. 1 by Caroline S.

&&Look at this Word Art package! It's titled "A Smile To Enjoy Vol.2" These are great for scrapping all kinds of happy memories!

[Word Art] * A Smile To Enjoy Vol 2. by Caroline S.

&& My layout using a template and word art..

WELL Thats all the wonderful stuff I have for you tonight, I told you I had so much to post! That's what happens when I feel horrible and lazy! Time to get myself better and back into tip top shape again! I will try my best to keep onto of this blogging thing :) Hope you enjoyed this little show case I put on tonight!

Until next time, 

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