Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From the store of Scrap-n-a-Snap!

Wow! Where have I been? Scrapping!? YUPP! :D And I've been dealing with bad migraines lately. Had a few appointments to go to, and finally figured out one of my problems! I'm iron deficient, so now I can work on taking supplements to get myself feeling more like.. ME again!

Well.. I have been pretty busy now that I started CTing. and I am here tonight to showcase some products and  layouts I have made with them :D OKAY! So here we go..

FROM THE STORE of Scrap-n-a-Snap Designs!

Here are some lovely templates by the wonderful designer of this store, Melody!

First we have a 2 pack template titles "1 Photo Vol.1" These templates have such a simple designs that you can pretty much do anything with! Keep as simple as you would like or make it as eye popping as you want! The cluster and paper stacks are great to work with! :)
1 Photo Vol. 1

&&here's my layout..

Next we have another 2 pack template title "CT inspired: Sharon" These beautifully clustered 3 circle photo pages are so much fun to work with, I had a blast working on mine! 
CT Inspired: Sharon

&& my layout..

Next we have yet another CT inspired 2 pack template titled "CT inspired: La'Shawn" These split paper stacked clusterfied beauties are definitely a good 'ol scrappin time :D Just grab your photo(s) and the kit you want to use and stack and layer and cluster away! Its just a fun crazy template that makes me happy just looking at it!
CT inspired: La Shawn

&& here's what I made..

The last template I have for you tonight from Scrap-n-a-Snap is this double pager titled "Summer Days Week 2" It was my first time working with a double page template, it was definitely an experience! This template was wonderful to work with, I enjoyed how there wasn't too much empty space and so much to work with! Just looking at all the layouts and elements gave me so many ideas and helped me expand on them! I'm sure it will do the same for you!
Summer Days Week 2

&& here's my layout..

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