Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's do this blog thing!

Well this is what my 4th, no 5th... maybe 7th attempt at a blog. Only this is all about digi scrapbooking! This momma's new hobby! Well fairly new.. Id like to share all my freebie finds, my inspirations, my creations, my favorite materials, kits etc. Who knows maybe I'll get into making a few stuff again myself. But let's not get ahead of ourselves now.. let's first see if I can keep up with this whole blogging bit. I do have big plans here, I have this blog i'd love to keep up, just like the other 20 attempts I made before, or was it 35? Ahh I can't remember anymore! I mean well, I really do, I go into this blogging thing with great intentions, I just get distracted with a new hobby or interest, and forget! I want to try and be consistent this time! Get past this distraction! :)

Well I have nothing goodie-rific for my 0 followers tonight. (let's see if we can change that - the goodie-rific bit and the followers bit - hehe)

Until next time;
Happy Scrapping &&Blogging!

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